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Why I Have A Secret Facebook Account

Secret Facebook Account

Don’t tell anyone, but I have a secret Facebook account. There, I admitted it. As suspicious as that sounds, it’s to champion my own mental health, self-progression, and more. Wow, it feels weird saying that out loud for everyone to hear.

This account is something I made back in 2016. I’d say it’s an experiment of some kind. It goes against the whole ethos of Facebook. As much as I love my nearest and dearest, I’d rather talk with them in the real world – communicate on a personal level that perhaps can’t be achieved online just yet. Although I have them on my ‘real/main’ account, this secret account is all about me.

A few years back, I discussed how I cleansed my social media and unliked thousands of pages. Why? Because these pages were losing my trust. They weren’t offering me anything valuable and quite frankly, I had enough. Although I had disassociated myself with pages I no longer cared about, or those that no longer cared about me, I was still consuming content I wasn’t really that bothered about.

I wanted to make sure that every time I stepped on Facebook, I was learning something new. According to my iPhone’s screentime analysis, I spend around four hours per week on the platform which averages out to around 34 minutes per day. This was a particularly good week for me, it’s normally A LOT higher. That being said, 34 minutes is a lot of time and when utilised correctly, can make the world of difference to your everyday life.

iPhone screentime analysis showing four hours per day spent online. This also shows 34 minutes on Facebook.

On this ‘secret’ Facebook, I have no friends. It’s my sanctuary, my escape. I’m in full control of what I see on my newsfeed and undoubtedly, it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. I use this to follow pages, people, and causes that I genuinely care about.

By only consuming the content that I’m interested in, I’ve been able to diversify my online reading library and ensure that every time I tap on the app, the experience I have is more valuable. As a proud member of Gen Z, I’m not blind to the fact that this is my main source of news – gone are the days where we’d all wait for Newsround following a new episode of Raven on CBBC. Life seemed to be a whole lot easier back then, right?

So now that we’ve figured out this is a great way for me to discover more interesting content without any weird interruptions, what else do I get up to?

Remember when I mentioned that this account was an experiment? Well, I started playing around with Facebook Pages and Groups. Something that I was perhaps too scared in the past to do in front of all of my friends. My love for social media and marketing was the driving force behind this, and not going to lie, I became pretty good at it. Or I’d like to think so.

I’ve created pages where combined, have amassed over 31k likes and 32k followers. I’ve reached 241k people organically for a national tour event which led to 4.3k ticket clicks. This is just me playing around in my spare time and I really don’t mind it.

I’m still working on Groups, but the two I run have 2.2k members combined. They’re quite active too, which is pretty awesome to know that I’m building communities where people feel that they’ve found their crowd and can talk about their common interests.

So that’s why I have a secret Facebook account. It’s that simple. I like to consume meaningful media while also be able to play around with new features that could come in handy with my actual job in marketing.

I genuinely think that this new approach with my online activity has benefitted me in ways that I couldn’t imagine possible. Would you ever consider doing the same? Let me know in the comments!

If you’re like me and you love podcasts (I’m about to spill another secret), I’ve given you access to my library of favourite podcasts. Don’t say I’m not good to you!

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  1. Melis Living
    1 year ago

    This is such an amazing idea – totally going to go and create one. I get weird feelings when I go on Facebook and see what everyone is doing, but I love using it for groups like our NE bloggers one and dog / cat groups etc! Definitely going to try this out – thanks for the suggestion! Melis

    1. Georgie White
      1 year ago

      Let me know if it works for you! I find it such much healthier to dictate what kind of content I consume. I think Facebook has a habit of showing you what your friends like, what they’re commenting on etc. when really you just want to see what you’ve subscribed to. It’s much more refreshing on a morning to wake up, look at my phone and read what I’m actually interested in. I genuinely feel that I’ve become more knowledgable about what is going on in the world!


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