If you’re navigating life through your 20s and still trying to become a ‘proper adult’, we’ve already got something in common. I’m Georgie White, and welcome to my small corner on the internet. It’s a pretty awesome place to be, so welcome to the club.

I created this blog as a place to document my experiences and express my opinions – many of which I have. On this platform, I’ll be talking about my countless cinema trips and habit of binge-watching TV shows. You’ll also find out which books I’m reading and the music that has made its way onto my playlist. There’s a lot to discuss!

Outside of my blog, I work full-time as a copywriter for a digital marketing agency in Newcastle and I absolutely love it. I’ll be writing all about self-progression, life as a marketer and how I’m making the most out of my career.

As well as this, I’m also a features writer for Royal Central. You can check out my work here.

I’m just a boy, who writes a lot of words, asking you to read them.

– Georgie White